Our Mission

We aim to add value by means of helping businesses to cut down plant downtime, streamline labour costs, increase plant efficiency and enhance productivity. Our VAS range shall cover inventory management, tool making, machining services, sourcing hard to find items & speedy parts delivery.


I have found Pram and Raj from Prism to offer exemplary service with everything from fastenings to bearings to hand tools and everything else.
Very prompt service in a breakdown situation and after hours service when we have needed it.
I would not hesitate to recommend Prism to any company looking for an efficient knowledgeable  supplier who goes the extra mile for its customers! – Ian

I just wanted to commend Raj and team for such awesome services. The effort and information supplied in helping the plants efficiency, and cost saving through the years is outstanding. Thanks to Prism Solutions in coming through once again. Keep up the great customer service. Will surely recommend you to any organisation. – Collin

Tasked with both scheduled and running maintenance responsibilities, performing my duties in a timely manner is a major challenge.
I got acquainted with Pram of Prism Solutions four years ago who became more than just a supplier. We have almost completely consolidated on using Prism as our preferred supplier ..
Prism come as advertised:
* Bearings
* Drive Chains
* Drive Belts
* Sprockets
* Consumables
* Lubricants
* Value added Services like Machining
* Sourcing hard to find items
* PPE and safety related items
* Etc.

Prism Solutions saves us time and money – Hendrik

From day one I have met Raj from “Prism Solutions” as one of our key suppliers – sounds funny even saying my number 1 suppliers because over the course of only a short time Raj became “my friend”. “Prism Solutions” has been there – above and beyond – in every aspect of not only the showing and final sales. But every bump in the road – Raj was there to assist me. And I know some of the stuff he did was not part of his normal job description as my supplier. My South Africa mother would call him: a piece of cake, He is so good, I mean, the cherry on top as Raj always impressed me with his pricing and speediness of supplying on time every time. Raj always got back to me, answered every question. Even the stupid ones.  He is honest and he is good, and he has been there for me like a best friend. Raj stood by me to the finishing line. – Didi

I just want to say thanks for all your great service over the years. Pram and his company PRISM SOLUTIONS  have been working as a supplier of engineering items to my maintenance workshop since 2015.

He has supplied a wide variety of parts including:

         Bearings and Lubricants

       Chains and Sprockets

         Timing belts and Pulleys

         Tools and Machining parts

         Valves and cylinders

      All types of Fasteners

Prism specialize in hard to source products – of which Pram has been a great asset to us. He always goes the extra yards and his service has been excellent. I would recommend him as a supplier to any new clients. Cheers – Brian 

If you are looking for a real problem-solving solution, then Prism is the people to contact immediately! The service is second to none! Prompt service, customer satisfaction, problem solved within minutes! Whatever problems you have, Prism has the solutions! Contact Prism! They are always available to help and are experienced in all mechanical and technical solutions! Reliance on Prism has been my biggest drive for a long-lasting relationship. “Prism” yes, they have the solutions! – Joseph

Pram & Raj Thank you for your great effort made in getting CTL repaired so promptly – My machine operator said that the machining of the part was perfect – excellent and thanks. Very much appreciated guys – Rajkumar

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Having Raj and Pram (Prism Solutions) on my team has been a real plus for my business. From finding the difficult of type item to the everyday any quantity parts, the service is top grade, friendly and on time. The advice, expertise and professionalism are all part of their business – Stephen

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It is rare these days to find a company that prides itself on customer service in the way that Prism do. Raj and the team always go the extra mile to ensure you have everything your company needs from machine parts to safety equipment. We have been working with Prism for 3 years now and they have never let us down. Highly Recommended!

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We are a producer of timber pallets, bins, and crates in Auckland. With a large machine and equipment-based manufacturing operation and sawmill we have a high demand for engineering products and consumables. Our company has been using Prism Solutions for the past 3 plus years. Initially they supplied engineering products and consumables for all our workshop and factory requirements, but now they also provide a full range of H&S equipment, PPE, clothing, and tools at extremely competitive prices. Owners of the business Raj and Pram are both friendly, professional, dedicated operators who go the extra mile to accommodate all our requirements. They are extremely good at sourcing hard to find engineering products and have a wealth of industry knowledge and expertise. After 24 years in business, I have never been this impressed with a supplier. For all your engineering and H&S requirements I have no hesitation in recommending Prism Solutions. – Steve W

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“Working with Raj @ Prism Solutions makes it hassle free. Raj is easy to deal with and keeps the process simple. I can place an order and not have to worry about it, I know it is going to turn up. I highly recommend Prism Solutions service and if Prism make a promise, they keep it.” – Warren

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We have been sourcing parts from Prism Solutions for more than 3 years now. We find that you get looked after by Prism better than the big companies do. Raj always responds promptly and makes it his mission to get you the best pricing and fastest delivery, even if he must deliver it personally.  No order seems too big or too small. – Shane

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Raj has supplied our engineering and safety equipment for the past three
years and in that time, he has always provided us with the best service
possible. With Raj the customer is always right and when we ask for urgency you
cannot beat this man no matter how small or inexpensive the part may be.
Always striving to please and just a good guy. So, from experience of 35 years in the industry i would recommend Prism
Solutions to anyone for service. - Signing out Richard Cousins maintenance fitter

Pram and his company PRISM SOLUTIONS have been working as a supplier of engineering items to my maintenance workshop since 2016. He has supplied a wide variety of parts including Bearings, Timing belts, Pulleys, Sprockets & Valves. Prism NZ specialize in hard to source products – of which Pram has been a great asset to us. He always goes the extra yards, and his service has been excellent. I would recommend him as a supplier to any new clients. – Brian

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No problem is too hard and customer service is a priority for this company. Good old-fashioned service with a friendly smile and always available to pop in on request enabling me to talk through my requirements. Friendly and efficient and able to supply on demand – what more could I ask for. – Andrew

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Prism Solutions has been one of our top suppliers over the last 3+ years. With the running of 3 separate departments, (Sawmill, Pre-Cut, and Assembly) and nearly 100 staff and 50+ Workstations/Machines we depend on solid suppliers that can supply a good service, and good quality parts. Prism has always been there when we need them and has always supplied us with a quick and efficient service. Over the last 18 months, Prism Safety has also been our supplier for PPE gear and Health & Safety, equipment, and signage etc. I am incredibly pleased with Prism Solutions, and we would recommend any company to use them and their services. – Dave

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